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PerfecTiming Realty LLC

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Who Is PerfecTiming Realty?

PerfecTiming Realty is a South Florida based, real estate brokerage. Our mission is to educate and guide our home buyers, sellers, and investors through the real estate process, with personalized attention and advice.

We know the real estate market is always changing and we believe with continued education, guidance, integrity, & service to our community we will help our clients utilize real estate to create a better future for themselves and generations to come.

Why choose PerfecTiming Realty?

We are a boutique brokerage that takes pride in treating our agents with respect and we want to see everyone win. Our broker ensures she is available to speak one on one with each agent and has a team of professionals to help guide you through the ups and downs of each transaction. We understand each agent is running their own business and we want to help you grow your business to its full potential.

PerfecTiming Realty offers

-Regular training schedules

-One on one access to the Broker

-No desk fees

-Competitive commission split

-Team building activities

-Motivational and self-building environment

-World Wide exposure 

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