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Catherine Moncion FL Real Estate Broker

Catherine Moncion, Broker

PerfecTiming Realty, LLC

Hi, I am the Broker and founder of PerfecTiming Realty. I started my real estate career in 2016 and have since helped a large number of families and individuals achieve their real estate goals; whether it's buying, selling, or investing. My network of qualified real estate professionals expands through-out the United States and internationally. I found PerfecTiming Realty on the basis of providing South Florida with a real estate company that cared for their client's best interest and treated each and every individual with care and diligence, before, during, and after the deal has closed.

As an active Realtor, I am in the field and up to date on current market conditions, to ensure my clients and agents are knowledgeable and making the best decisions, for themselves and generations to come.

I look forward to helping you through your real estate journey.

"It's always the perfect time, to buy, sell, or invest with PerfecTiming Realty."

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